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Liquid filling machine is a small category under packing machine. It applies to the filling operation of various flowable liquid materials. It can be divided into two sub-categories by automatic degree: semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling line.

It can be used to check the weight of single product or all products contained in one box moving from production line and automatically deliver the products to designed positions according to weight eligibility. It can also make accumulation and statistics on the checked products and provides a useful checking report for users. Simply put, online weight checking machine weighs and classifies products according to weight and transmits to different positions for the sake of differentiation.

Automatic stacking machine is also called stacker. It takes frequency changing motor to achieve speed adjustment and electrical control system. Via automatic conveyor, it is connected with other packing machines. It can stack the pail packed product of coating, paint, and chemicals steadily, smoothly, and reliably to a pallet and with the work of a truck lift, pails of coating, paint, or chemicals can be moved away. With internationally advanced automatic control technology and mechanical and electrical integration technology, it repeatedly stacks big pails of finished products to expected pallets, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing worker’s labor load.

Capping machine is associated with filling machine. After some material is filled into a container, its cap must be pressed for flat caps or tightened for screw caps. Capping machine can be divided into two categories: automatic capping machine and semi-automatic capping machine. Automatic capping machine can feel the right can position by an electrical eye and press down automatically; semi-automatic capping machine can only press down after worker’s manual push on switch button.

Chemical plants apply breaking machines to break big block of solid materials into usable granules and deliver the granules by automatic conveyor to feeding position. The utilization of automatic breaking machines to replace worker’s labor work can greatly improve the production efficiency of chemical plants and also greatly reduce the hardship of worker’s labor work.

The electrical control system to be used by chemical plants integrates the function of power distribution and electrical control functions of related big and medium-sized M&E equipment to offer integrate control on speed, frequency, protection, alarming, start and stop operation, and so on. The electrical control system for single equipment is a power distribution cabinet. A few combined machines need complicated electrical control system.

Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co., Ltd, based on the deep understa nding of chemical packaging industry, can provide whole set of packaging solution a nd equipment for chemical plants, including the procedure of filling, packing, capping, sealing, labeling, code printing, thermal shrinking, stacking a nd carton packing.

Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co., Ltd, taking the advantage of the familarity to international trading and operation capability, can provide sourcing service on various products and raw materials except M & E and automation equipment for oversea customers.


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